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What I Learned at TODCon 8 [Registration never required for free content]

By: Kim Cavanaugh on Wednesday, May 31, 2006
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Primary Category: General BusinessI've had a few days to reflect on the things that I took away from the latest rendition of The Other Dreamweaver Conference, aka TODCon, and it looks like we're heading into a period of new innovations, uncertainty, and great potential on the web. If you're an independent web developer new revenue streams are opening up for you, and more decisions than ever have to be made on where you might want to take your business. Even if you aren't working for yourself, there are enough trends and changes heading your way that now is a good time to sit up and take notice.

In this article, I've summarized what I see are the emerging trends, interesting developments, and other factoids gleaned from the sessions, hallway conversations, and late night conversations that define TODCon.

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