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Adding Buttons to an InDesign Document

By: Kim Dudley on Monday, October 15, 2007
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Primary Category: InDesignAdobe InDesign has become well known as an application that delivers powerful features for creating multiple page layouts for printed materials. However, InDesign also includes many tools for documents destined for other end uses. These days promotional and informational materials are often distributed in many different forms, including print and electronically. When it comes to electronic distribution PDFs (Portable Document Format) are one of the most convenient and flexible options. Many applications have the ability to create PDFs, Adobe InDesign is one such application. InDesign is not only capable of creating PDFs it actually has tools that will enhance PDFs by adding interactive features such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, buttons and media files.

In this tutorial we will focus on InDesign's button tool. Buttons added to an InDesign document can be set to perform an action when the document is exported as a PDF. To demonstrate how to work with this interactive feature we will:

  • Add a button to existing artwork
  • Style the button
  • Set an action for the button
  • Define Button properties
  • Work with the States panel
  • Export the document as a PDF

Approximate download size: 2.5MB

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