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New Year's Cleanup for the Mac

Posted Thursday, January 06, 2005 9:44:22 AM by Kim

My latest copy of Macworld landed in my mailbox the other day, and there's an excellent article about routine cleanup and maintenance for us Mac-heads in there. I'm not all that big on OS tweaks, accelerators, and all the other things that you can do to mess up...oh, I mean...fix up your 'puter for optimum performance. Actually, that's exactly the reason why I don't like many of the free programs and other OS tweak techniques that are out there. My experience going back to Windows 3.1 days is that you're (OK, maybe it's just me) just as likely to make things worse as you are to make them better.

Maintenance is another matter though, and I do take the time to Repair Permissions on my Mac from time to time, which seems to be the only routine task that's absolutely necessary to keep things operating smoothly for me. But after reading the Macworld article I decided to dig a little deeper and clean things more thoroughly. Waaaaaaaaaay down in the article was a little gem of information that made the cover price of the mag worth this month's price. A donation-ware program called OnyX that lets me run the routine cleanup chores that are supposed to work automatically in OS X, but don't always do so. The simple interface allows you to run those scripts manually, defrag your hard drive, clean out log files and the many cache files that OS X generates, and generally keep things on your Mac clean and spiffy. A very cool simple program, OnyX get's high marks from me for keeping me out of the (shudder) Terminal window to perform these routine chores.

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