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Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2004 6:32:19 PM by Chris Flick

So I'm reading one of these typical computer magazines you can find at any newsstand or bookstore and there's an article in it where the author is talking about how computer game emulators are suddenly becoming very, very popular - you know, classic computer games like Asteroids, Dig-dug, Centipede, Galaxia and so forth - and it got me to recall one of my favourite computer games I used to love playing whenever I could.

The game wasn't all that sophisticated - heck, how many games WERE back in the early 80's? It didn't have 3D graphics, the main character wasn't a superhero, didn't have any weapons, couldn't do any complicated karate kicks or punches. But he could run very fast. He could jump incredible distances. And he was incredible (most of the time) at avoiding certain death on every level.

Not bad for a stick, I'd say.

Yes, for all you old-time Commodore 64 users out there, you know who I'm talking about. Don't you? Yes... yes you do! Why don't we all put our hands together and give a great big nostalgic hug to Jumpman and his brother, Jumpman II???!!

I'm not sure why I grew to love that twirling, jumping, spinning, unsophisticated, totally addictive little creep. But any chance I got, I use to hang out at my friend's house hunched over his Commodore 64 keyboard determined to make MY Jumpman last one more level, to jump a little higher and to avoid certain and utter doom. A doom that always would come. And before I knew it, I was hitting the replay button and watching him zoom and zigzag across the screen one more time. One more time. One more time.


Guess it's a pretty good thing a Jumpman emulator doesn't exist or else I'd NEVER get the CMX Suite strip done.


-Chris Flick

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