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ANN 4-18-2005 : Adobe seeks to purchase Macromedia in an all stock deal

Posted Monday, April 18, 2005 9:15:11 AM by Danilo Celic

Danilo Celic

Big news in the web development world, I'll let the announcements speak their own volumes, and I'm sure you'll hear plenty of others on the topic. I'm going to wait an see what further info comes out before I decide what I'm going to think about the whole deal.

Macromedia's side
Adobe's side
Mike Chamber's

I guess we'll become quite tired of the "forward looking statements" statements in the near future.

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<label> tag without a for attribute can crash Dreamweaver MX 2004 when used within an extension

Posted Thursday, April 14, 2005 11:18:10 PM by Danilo Celic

Danilo Celic

Note: Reported to Macromedia already.

I was trying to help a budding extension developer that was experiencing crashes of Dreamweaver when they added a <label> tag to their file. The basic code boils down to this within an extension:

<label>Name:</label><input style="width:135px" type="text" name="name" id="name">

Turns out that there are two potential breaking points (only played with the code in a Command and only with the text box, for other extension, YMMV):

  • Adding the for attribute to the label tag, would cause the issue to go away. In my brief testing, it didn't seem to matter what the for attribute value was, as long as it was there.
  • If you removed the id attribute for the text field, the crashing would stop.

One thing that is weird about it all is that if you keep the id and add the for, and you set the for to have the same value as the id, and you have no value attribute, or the value is set to an empty string ( value="" ), that is, when you do not specify a value for the value attribute, then when your dialog appears some square symbol characters will be within the text field instead of the field being empty.

Quite strange indeed.

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Announcing the Community MX CSS Snippets Collection

Posted Friday, April 01, 2005 8:06:56 AM by Sheri German

Sheri German

Dreamweaver's appeal for many people is its visual tools. Macromedia has included many one-click features that are meant to expedite production and ease the learning curve of some of web development's more difficult steps. Some of these features create their own problems, however. For instance, the Properties inspector has text formating buttons that can add seemingly endless inline styles: style1, style2, style3, ad infinitum.

I try to teach my students to use Web Standards and Dreamweaver "best practices." Unless I can replace the MM quick and dirty tools with something equally appealing, though, it's a hard sell. The students fall into the bad habit of adding those styles--among other things--and allowing them to conflict with the external style sheets we painstakingly constructed.

Through my work in promoting the Community MX JumpStarts Dreamweaver CSS templates, I have developed quite a few bits of reusable CSS code. I started adding them to my Snippets panel, a Dreamweaver feature with enormous potential that is still largely untapped. Community MX is extremely pleased to offer two sets of CSS snippet collections, easily installed into the Snippet Panel with extensions created by Danilo Celic.

Set one includes 15 handy hacks such as the Tan Hack, the Caio and Anti-Caio Hacks, the Holly Hack, and various permutations of IE conditional comments. Set two includes 17 helpers and fixes such as centered layout starter code, IE fixes for bugs such as missing images and double float margins, and zeroing out multiple margins code. We invite you to check them out.

I would like to note that this project was not developed in a vacuum. I had the help of some of the best CSS gurus in the business. Big John of Position is Everything and CMX, Holly Bergevin, Zoe Gillenwater, Adrian Senior, and Stephanie Sullivan all contributed valuable suggestions. We sincerely hope that these collections speed up your CSS development as well as spare you some head scratching.

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