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GoDaddy - Customer service done right

Posted Sunday, April 16, 2006 7:33:46 PM by Stephanie


How many times have I complained, or read the complaints of others, related to various company's poor customer service? If you enjoy that kind of thing, move on. This time, I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge some web goodness.

The back story is, I've used GoDaddy to purchase domain names for my clients since about 2000. I've never had anything but good things to say about them. They're inexpensive, I rarely have a problem, and when I have one they get it resolved very quickly.

Currently, I have no domain issues. So I was surprised to hear from them by phone last week. Thinking there might be something I was unaware of, I returned their call (the woman who called me was Sue, and she specifically asked that I ask for her when I called back). The number rang me in to the "Customer Appreciation" Department. Hmmmm... sounds kinda hokey. Like Newspeak from 1984 or something. Was I ever wrong...

If everyone at GoDaddy is as friendly, helpful and personable as Sue, they've got it made. Sue thanked me for my years of being a customer, told me how many domains were in my account and proceeded to tell me about several ways I was unaware of that I could recieve discounts on things I was already doing at GoDaddy. Sure, she also told me about some of their other services (none of which I needed), and when I declined she moved right along. No hard sell.

The best part was - she sent me her personal email address. I now have direct access to Sue for any issue I might have. Heck, she'll even purchase domains for me if I don't want to log in and do it myself. I think Sue may be my new best friend -- at least she made me feel that way. ;) Very valued, appreciated and listened to. Sue rocks! Point me to another good sized company who routinely make their customers feel like something more than a basic household pest! I'm sure they exist, but I haven't run into them lately.

Thanks again, Sue -- and kudos to GoDaddy for having such a great team.

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