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Two-Book Milestone, Around the Bend

Posted Thursday, April 26, 2007 7:56:31 PM by David Stiller

David Stiller

An alternate title for this entry could easily be “Why my blogging has slowed down lately,” and the shortest answer would be a muffled “busy” — muffled like a voice struggling out from beneath a heavy pile of desktop rubble — but that’s no fun, because it’s a punch line without a story.  ;)  It’s been nearly a year since I pulled away from an agreeable salaried position to see if I could make it on my own.  So far, so good; honestly.  June 7 will be the anniversary, and I’m kind of excited about it.

In an open-jawed, stunned sort of way, I’m grateful.  Grateful to my wife and daughter, who have been waiting patiently for me, sometimes with a surprise pancake dinner.  Grateful to friends who’ve been hanging in there, because my evenings have been shot for time out of mind.  It’s all about to return to normal.

Why?  Two Flash books are on the way.

I owe a lot, both in support and inspiration, to my colleagues at Community MX and to my friends Chris Georgenes and Branden Hall, who continue to send me work in addition to my usual clientele.  I also owe a lot to the varied and interesting people who email me or leave comments on my personal blog, because all these reminders of Flash keep me focused.

I’m just about ready to heave a milestone over my shoulder, more or less by June.  In the next few months, there will be two new Flash books in stores with my name somewhere between the endpapers.  I can’t think of a better way to round out my first year as an independent contractor!

One book belongs to Chris Georgenes, who is currently finishing up his How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3 for Focal Press.  Chris has a fantastic style all his own, and has more tips on animation — truly top notch stuff! — than anyone I know.  He asked me to contribute a chapter to his book on interactivity, and I count that a privilege.

The other book belongs to Tom and Jerry.  That’s the joke, anyway.  ;)  Tom Green, who has already written half a dozen books on Adobe products, asked me to fully co-author Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers with him for friends of ED.  (I was born in Germany, so that makes me the “Jerry”; and yes, Tom really is the big gray pussycat.)  We’ve been grinding away on this project since, heck, it’s been about six months.  What started as a trickle has roared into a crazy-fun (but challenging!) wild water rapids expedition — which explains my recent temporary drop in blog entries.

We’ll be wrapping up soon, and the fun will really begin.

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