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Introducing CMX JumpStart Vegas

Posted Thursday, June 02, 2005 8:23:33 AM by Sheri German

Sheri German

Designed by Fireworks expert Linda Rathgeber-Stewart and coded by CSS guru Stephanie Sullivan, the new CMX JumpStart Vegas is sure to please with its long list of features, including sIFR and a Flash Slide Show. Originally created for TODcon attendees at the recent conference in Las Vegas, we are now making it available to CMX subscribers, as well as for independent purchase.

Having just attended TODcon in Vegas, I think I can accurately call Vegas a paragon of excess and glitz. Keeping that in mind, we created a JumpStart that is crammed with features: Flash slideshow, FlashObjects, sIFR, a complex form, the glitter of a golden design--it's all there, ready for you to adapt for your own sites. You can see my own adaption of the template for the redesign of the Stein Opera site, which follows and catalogs the creation of an opera based on the life of Gertrude Stein. "Gertrude Stein Gets a Jump Early On" premieres in New York City this month. Stein Opera Images

Like all of the CMX JumpStarts, the pages are constructed using valid XHTML 1.0 markup and formatted using valid CSS 2.1 styling. Vegas also follows the WAI and Section 508 accessibility guidelines to provide you with a solid foundation for your work.

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