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Breeze Presentation Video

Posted Friday, June 03, 2005 5:02:28 AM by Kim

In preparation for the installation of Breeze at our school district I've prepared a 12 minute video with an overview of how a PowerPoint presentation is converted into a Breezo. (Macromedia-speak for Breeze presentations. Get it?)

How to Publish Online Content Right from PowerPoint gives you a quick run-through of Breeze 5 and the off-line method for creating presentations. Since the presentation itself was created in Breeze you can also see the new Breeze 5 interface.

Breeze tends to be seen as a meeting and collaboration tool by many people, but the plug-in that is installed into PowerPoint for recording and converting presentations to the Breeze format is pretty slick. In fact, the PowerPoint plug-in is a more mature technology than Breeze Live and it just has the feeling of a well engineered product. For content area experts and teachers and students and anyone else who wants to present training on line, Breeze Presentation is by far the easiest tool to use that I've seen.

(Thanks to the good folks who run the Macromedia Education Leaders program for providing a Breeze account to experiment with.)

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