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The music baton - oh, the horror

Posted Monday, June 06, 2005 4:40:19 PM by Heidi Bautista

Heidi Bautista

I just bought my first iPod. Finally, I've joined the ranks of the musically inclined. Heretofore, I listened to whatever happened to already be in the CD player. Of course, I'm not fully initated just yet. My shiny new iPod sits on my desk with all of TWO songs on it. Free ones that I got when I signed up at iTunes.

Total Volume

None to speak of but I'm hoping to change that soon as I fill up my new iPod.

Last CD Bought

It's been quite a while ... I think it was Jack Johnson's "On and On"

Song Playing Right Now

"The Promise" from Tracy Chapman's album titled "New Beginning" (always a great theme but esp good for Mondays)

Top 5 Tracks

Puh-leeze! This is why I don't buy lots of music. I can't remember who's who and what's what. That's probably why I like buying movie sound tracks. If I liked the music in the movie, I'll like the sound track and all I have to remember is the name of the movie. Besides, who wouldn't get a kick out of "The Mask of Zorro"!?

Five people I'm passing the baton to

This is a tough one. I'm a programmer. I live in a cave. But, okay, I'll pass the baton on to my nieces and nephew. All teenagers. It'll be interesting to see what they have to say:
Harpal, Devindar, and Kiran Aulakh

PS - Thanks a LOT, Ray, for passing the baton to me. Ya just had to expose my musical naivete, didn't ya?

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Look Out, Here Comes Summer!

Posted Monday, June 06, 2005 4:37:23 PM by Jim Babbage

Jim Babbage

This weekend marked the first of of many warm days to come in Toronto. Today, I'd venture it was more like uncomfortably warm. But hey, I'm not shovelling snow, and I have some nice big trees in my backyard to sit under, so I am not complaining.

In fact, I actually spent some time this weekend *relaxing* Go figure. Wasn't near the PC often at all, which - if you ask my wife - is an absolute rarity.

Good weather also means I can officially move my home office to the deck. WOO HOO! I love my back yard. Lots of shady trees and the garden beds are almost to the point where they take care of themselves. We only add a few things each year. In fact, I'm on the deck right now, putting together this blog entry.My camera is always nearby; I can usually find something that attracts my eye when I look over the deck.

I don't teach nearly as much in the summer, but I am involved in one course in the New Media Design program at Centennial College.

I do an intro to Dreamweaver and Fireworks. So far, questions I have been asked have inspired three tutorials. This is great. Sometimes, when you do things one way for so long, or are just so used to doing something, you forget the *why* factor. Sometimes, you just take certain things for granted. So it certainly helps you gain perspective when a student asks a question. A good question usually means that others may also be wondering the same thing. And if that's the case, then nothing is better than explaining things further - or better yet - showing things in more detail. The past couple tutorials I've been working on have done just that.

It's been a great start to the summer for me in many ways; I have some articles going online on DevNet over the summer (one is there now), and also in MX Developer's Journal. I've had a good helping of ideas to write about for CMX, and my company has won two new clients. I am guessing that my muse has returned, and she's smiling on me lately. In general, I've been feeling a little more positive about things recently and - dare I say it - a little younger.

And feeling younger is good. Now if I can just lose the weight my doc wants me to lose, I'll LOOK younger too. LOL.

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