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Posted Saturday, July 30, 2005 10:27:27 PM by Linda Rathgeber

Alas! What else can you do when someone tosses a baton at you?

Here's my "schwag" list. Still in my possession are:

  1. a white, long sleeved dress shirt with the Macromedia logo embroidered on the pocket
  2. a white T-shirt with a blue Macromedia logo printed on it
  3. a Macromedia space-age pen, able to write in free fall, in a walk-in cooler, or under a Steinway concert grand (don't ask)
  4. 3 Macromedia TMM badges
  5. a box of designer chocolates. Well, not really still in my possession unless you count the inch they added to my waistline.

In the possession of nieces and nephews who thought they were cool, and liberated them:

  1. a deep blue T-shirt with </hassle> printed on it
  2. a nice fleece vest
  3. two auto visor CD holder thingies (is THAT what they were!)
  4. a Macromedia water bottle

Things gained through my seven year relationship with Macromedia:

  1. the skills necessary to leave a dead end job for work I love. How many of you can wear their bunny slippers to the office, eh?
  2. through my interaction with wonderful Macromedia employees, the skill, confidence, and opportunity to teach others what I've learned
  3. new friends from every corner of the world.

There has never been another company like Macromedia. On my wish list is for the name, MACROMEDIA, to somehow stay alive.

Hey Murray Summers, Al Sparber, Kevin French, and Nadia Perre--catch the baton!. :-)

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Send HTML Email Using Entourage

Posted Saturday, July 30, 2005 8:11:10 PM by Stephanie


How many fellow mac heads have been frustrated at the difficulty sending HTML email using your mail program? That has been one of the most frustrating issues for me. When I send my invoices, which are created in DW (using a template), I have to open them in a browser and save them as a PDF, then attach to the email. There are other times I would like to send a nice pretty HTML email, but I only have cursory formatting available in Entourage.

Michael Jones, a friend from my rather chatty WebWeavers list, just pointed me to a MacWorld article that contains the answer. You can get the details there, but Rob Buckley created a free Send Complex HTML with Inline Files 2004 that was about as easy to install and use as anything I've done yet. It's a matter of putting the Applescript into your Entourage Script Menu Items folder and then showing the email the path to your HTML file. Voila! Lovely formatted HTML email from OS X! What more could you want? Thanks Rob!

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Shwag, Tchotchkes, Cool MM Stuff - Shweet

Posted Saturday, July 30, 2005 11:02:04 AM by Stephanie


Another baton -- good thing it's the weekend and my one day off.

I have to say though, reading Kim's list and a couple of his comments, there's some cool stuff floating around out there. And I don't have it. I don't have hats or lap blankets and I've never seen a kite. Wow! Maybe there's still time before the proposed merger. ;~) I have to agree with JD though, I'm liable to go obsessive-compulsive on this since it's so hard to remember, but here goes anyway...

Total Macromedia Shwag in your possession:

7 t-shirts (I love my "goto and play" and </hassle> shirts)
1 long sleeved dress shirt
1 Dreamweaver backpack
1 Macromedia backpack
1 MM zippered shoulder bag
2 CD car visors
1 CD case
1 Flash drive (64MB)
3 Notebooks (one of my favorite items)
3 Pens
1 heavy folder/notebook pen holder
MM branded Power bars
MM branded Energy water
MM branded coffee candy
1 Macromedia Hot Sauce
1 large plastic water container
1 tall thermal coffee mug
1 glow/flash MAX mardi gras beads
1 brightly-colored button for each product (nabbed at MAX -- they SO remind me of the 80's)
(And yes, I keep popping in and adding... told you I'd get all obsessive compulsive about it. ;~))

Oldest Macromedia shwag in your possession:

Not sure. Might be my </hassle> t-shirt (a fun one).

Last Macromedia shwag you received:

It was a group of things. A Macromedia backpack filled with the coffee mug, water container, flash drive, CD holder and travel-sized notebook/pen set.

Most Unusual Shwag:

Not sure I have anything too unusual. I suppose the Energy water, Power bars and coffee candy was rather unusual. Of course, they're no longer "in my possession" since I consumed them immediately.

Shwag you wear/use most often:

I love my Dreamweaver backpack and when I leave the house/office, I carry it. But in the office, it would have to be my Flash drive (so easy to transfer files between computers) and notebooks.

5 Favorite Macromedia shwag items:

Undoubtedly, the winner is my Dreamweaver backpack. It's rather like a messenger bag and has lots of compartments. It's more stout than my regular MM branded one (so I let my husband borrow that one after his got stolen at a conference).

The next would be my new Flash drive. I had never broken down and bought one -- it's quite handy.

Then, though one of the less expensive items, I love my Macromedia MX notebook. Not just for the cool cover. :~) The paper inside is so stout and smooth. I hate that it's almost empty (more notebooks MM?)

I also find my CD car visor to be a handy dandy item. As long as I can keep a couple of my CD's in there and it doesn't get filled with my teenagers music.

Of course, I can't leave out my thermal coffee mug -- I almost ALWAYS need coffee when I leave the house. (And Jim, I have to say I use it as often as my CMX partner one -- only because the MM one holds more.) And the water container makes a perfect addition to my beach bag which got quite a workout the past couple weeks with my friend Ginger here. Of course we didn't always fill it with water. ;~)

What I wish I had? Shirts that were baby doll Tee's or tank tops. A Macromedia-branded iPod -- now that would rock!

5 people I'm passing the baton to:

It would be good to take this outside the realm of the CMX partners I think. Hmmm... Who's got cool shwag (besides Macromedia employees) -- How about:

Robert Hoekman

Adam Bell

Chris Georgenes

Linda Rathgeber

Jesse Rodgers

C'mon people -- show us whatcha got!

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