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The Art of the Upsell

Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004 11:00:05 AM by Stephanie


I read a great article today on a business/sales site. The ideas contained in The Secret of Sequence in Selling is something that those of us running a web development business need to get our brains around. Most of us came to web development from a love of code or a love of design perspective. It's doubtful that a large number of us came from the love of the business ideation. Thus, it's likely that this is an area that many of us really need to study in order to be most successful.

The article above discusses the airplane model. It's actually a great example. Think about how you feel as you walk through first class, and business class, all the way back to the cramped economy class. Don't you wish you could have stopped a few steps further back? Those that can afford to do. And, similarly, as you walk you clients through your top level, first class web package, they may balk. You then walk them through your business class, next level package. Finally, you show them to economy class. It won't look as desirable and you may find many prospective clients upgrading to at least business class.

Done properly, with enough belief in the value of your better packages, it's likely you'll find yourself selling higher value packages with less effort. Give it some thought.

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