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Macromedia Upgrades Flex

Posted Monday, August 23, 2004 5:24:12 AM by Kim


Macromedia Releases Flex Builder Extension: C|Net News has a story today on the release of the new Builder extension for Macromedia Flex. If you're unfamiliar with Flex and its intended uses, the article provides a good overview and background information from Kevin Lynch, Macromedia's chief software architect.

In a nutshell, Flex is:

"...a server application that converts code written in Java 2 Enterprise Edition, one of the most common languages for Web applications, into a form of XML (extensible markup language) optimized for reading by the Flash client software. The idea is that J2EE developers can dress up their Web applications with snazzy interfaces without having to learn the complex development tools typically used to create pure Flash applications."

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