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Ubuntu Update

Posted Friday, August 11, 2006 10:05:55 PM by Tom Pletcher

Tom Pletcher

If you've been following my Ubuntu articles here on CMX, or if you've read about Ubuntu elsewhere and have considered installing it, you may be curious about today's announcement of an Ubuntu "maintenance release", Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS.

Not to worry: if you installed Ubuntu 6.06 ("Dapper Drake") earlier, and have installed the updates as they were announced, chances are you're already running 6.06.1. You can easily find out: press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to escape the GUI, and you'll see your Ubuntu version number (press Ctrl-Alt-F7 to revert back to the GUI).

This .1 update is mainly concerned with fixing various glitches with the 6.06 installer, although it also incorporates all the updates and security patches since the initial Dapper release. If you've already installed Dapper you can safely ignore this maintenance release (assuming you've been good about installing updates when prompted). If you haven't yet installed Ubuntu, this new maintenance release promises to make the process smoother, and also save you from downloading a lot of updates.

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Summer String Institute 2006 Part Two

Posted Friday, August 11, 2006 9:48:57 AM by Sheri German

Sheri German

The battery in the video camera is charged. The white shirt is pressed. The black bow tie is out and next to the polished black dress shoes. The big event is almost here.

After final rehearsals and a sound check on stage, the young musicians of the Summer String Institute will present their chamber music concert. It will include everything from Mendelssohn's Octet to Beethoven's String Quartet op. 135 to Brahms Quintet op. well as Hadyn, Mozart, and Schubert. Then in the evening, the kids do their orchestra concert, and that is when they wear their formal attire. We really will be able to march with the penquins.

It has been an intense week (not to mention a daily adventure on the area roads - ah, D.C. traffic!). Each SSI day started with either a sectional or full orchestra rehearsal. Then the kids had a rhythm class with a very entertaining percussionist. After that, each chamber group got together by themselves to work through ideas about their music.

The first break of the day came with a half hour lunch, and then came a private lesson for each kid. Next up was a coaching session for each chamber group, and as the final event of the day, a full orchestra rehearsal. After hours of music making (with a few quick card games thrown in between rehearsals), I assumed my son would be dead tired. He says he was not - that has to be either youth or a lack of knowledge about musician union rules!

The week went by too quickly, but now we can look forward to the upcoming season of the Howard County High School GT Orchestra with selections by Rossini, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky.

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