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First Timer

Posted Wednesday, August 02, 2006 3:08:11 PM by Kim Dudley

Kim Dudley

Well this is it, my first blog entry. I feel a bit ashamed and a bit slow on the draw, I've been hanging around here at CMX for almost two years and am just now getting around to my first entry. So what was the hold up? Well it certainly wasn't because I had nothing to say, ask my friends and family I have lots of opinions and comments about lots of stuff. I also love checking out other blog entries but sitting down and actually putting pen to paper was just one of those things that I kept putting off until tomorrow. I guess I've just had quite a lot going on in my life the last couple of years and at times have been a bit overwhelmed by it all. It was just about four years ago that my life was all about technology and the latest inventions. My life centered around my job and I never missed trying out the latest application or high tech gadgets. Since then I've gotten married, left my job due to my husband's career change, had two kids, moved 6000km to a very small town in the middle of the mountains and started a small design business. Now, I tend to see technology as a way to get my job done. Instead of looking for the coolness factor, I look for technologies that can make my life easier and get my work done faster.

In addition to this change of view many great things have come into my life due to these changes. Three years ago I wrote my letter of resignation for my job of 8 years with a lot of anxiety and apprehension. I doubted that I would ever find a job I liked as much, I guess I am not the type of person that welcomes change. But I have to admit that change can be good. I've learned a lot about myself and have done things I never imagined I would. I went from being a confident, focussed, career driven women to a worried, unsure, sleep deprived Mom. I've discovered there are some benefits of working for yourself. I've gotten to work with and learn from some really great people here at CMX and I am living in a beautiful little town where I have made life-long friends. Of course, I still miss "home" but that's what vacations are for and hopefully someday we will be closer again. I also miss having endless hours to "play" with the latest digital cameras, applications or laptops but I do have the joy of being able to watch my kids grow up since I am able to work my schedule around them.

So tomorrow has finally come and writing my first blog entry allows me to cross another new task off my list-thanks Zoe. I expect my life will continue to be a bit crazy but I am going to work hard at keeping my blog up to date with the things I find interesting and beneficial to getting the job done and hopefully you can join me from time to time.

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