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What is up with Firefox?

Posted Wednesday, August 09, 2006 2:53:20 PM by Zoe Gillenwater

Zoe Gillenwater

Ever since Firefox updated to a few weeks ago, it's been crashing like crazy for me. The crashes come in two forms. One is when I click a random link on a site (I can't figure out any pattern to it), it acts like it's working on taking me to the page, then the icon at the top right stops moving, so I know it's frozen. I can't click to any other tabs, but if I'm listening to Internet radio in another tab, it keeps on happily playing. If I go to the Windows Task Manager, it tells me that Firefox is "running," not that it's "not responding" as I would expect. So I manually shut it down from there anyway. The second type of crash is again seemingly random, and this time the browser shuts down completely and both Windows and Mozilla pop up their little feedback agents to report the problems.

When Firefox was released right on the heels of, I thought, "Oh good, they've quickly released a patch to fix all these crashes." Nope. Firefox is still crashing just as much for me.

Am I the only one facing this annoyance? Does anyone know of a fix? Or even the cause? 

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