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Flashforward 2006, Day 2

Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2006 10:47:33 AM by David Stiller

David Stiller

I made it!

Caught the last half of the keynote address.  Saw some cool quick glimpses of an in-house Flash 9 beta that happened so quickly, I barely remember what blipped in front of my eyes — but I’ll say this:  there were nifty thin vertical toolbars, somewhat like the Tools panel, whose icons seemed to slide open traditional panels like the Timeline, then slide them away again, maximizing Stage real estate (much cleaner than collapsible panels, which nonetheless take up space while collapsed).  I downed two cups of coffee while watching, so my observation faculties only kicked in after the projection screens went idle.  ;)

The coffee was a welcome relief.  I’d set my alarm for 5:00am in Houston, awoke, but fell right back asleep until 6:35.  Shuttles left every thirty minutes, and I had to be at the airport at 7:00.  Fortunately, that was my last small “lemon” event among my tales of woe.  The “lemonade” was that, amazingly, I woke up with zero bed head; literally, perfect hair.  So I was able to throw on my clothes (the same clothes) and walk right out the door to a cab.  Showers are for wimps, right?

Immediately after the keynote, I ran into Scott Fegette.  We had a great fifteen minute (or so) chat about all things Adobe, noting especially how well the Macromedia acquisition has gone.  I ran into Todd Sanders, too, who was originally going to let me crash at his house last night — that changed when Continental put me up at a Clarion in Houston, but the offer is very much appreciated.  Thanks again, bro!


Session choices can be tough, because the presenters I want to see are often scheduled concurrently.  I attended a general Q/A roundtable with Mike Downey; saw an interesting prototyping app by Branden Hall, called Flow; saw Chafic Kazoun illuminate Component development for Flex; and rounded out the afternoon with a session on sound design by David Schroeder (great stuff!).  It was a nice mix, and of course my head is swimming with ideas, sparks, and possibilities.

The roundtable with Mike Downey reminded me what a “hidden” gem JSFL really is.  It’s not hidden, of course, but I’m surprised it isn’t more popular with developers.  A number of people had questions and feature requests for Flash that could be handled even today without too much effort in JSFL — mostly automation and asset management stuff.

In the evening, it was free food and drinks at a ten-year Flash anniversary party.  I hung out with Chris Georgenes, a good friend I only met face-to-face for the first time tonight, Scott, Todd, and a number of new faces.  I saw Chafic and thanked him for his Ultrashock tutorial on Flash MX 2004 Components.  Got into some brief discussion about Flex, which is great, because he may be able to answer some of my questions for an Adobe article in the works.  I’m glad to be here!

Colin Smith, Scott Fegette, David Stiller, Chris Georgenes
Colin Smith, Scott Fegette, David Stiller, Chris Georgenes

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