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March 4, 05 marked the final issue of the Magazine.

March 4, 05 marked the final issue of the Magazine.

Posted Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:42:04 AM by Derrick Ypenburg

If you're a new media developer from Canada, you should be familiar with For those of you who aren't, I'd love to share this awesome site dedicated to Canadian music and culture.

A complete online Flash magazine, it's one of Canada's top sites. CBC Radio3 has produced 105 issues, won awards and has influenced a small generation of new media developers in the Great White North. Streaming audio, online photo essays, music reviews, alternative lifestyles and newsletters, this online zine has it all. It's a piece of Canadian and Canadian New Media culture.

Unfortunatley due budget cut-backs at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), CBC Radio3 has posted its final online issue. Everyone with a love for design, music, Flash and indi-style mags should check out this site before it's gone for ever.

The site mentioned in this post has now been replaced by the new site. You can still get your Canadiana here, just not in the nice, unqiue format it once was.

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