Creating a Site in Dreamweaver CS5

By: Paul Davis

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Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create a site in Dreamweaver CS5. In this example, we will be setting up a site called on a PHP/MySQL Linux/GNU server, although the instructions are applicable for any server model and scripting language. The few bits of information you must have to follow along are your FTP address (which could be your domain name), your login and password.

Getting Started

As with many functions in Dreamweaver, there are several ways to access the site functions, from the splash screen when loading Dreamweaver, from the Site menu on the main menu bar or the Files panel, site dropdown.

Image 1: The splash screen

Image 2: The site menu

Image 3: The file panel

This will open up the Site Setup interface, which looks like:

Image 4: Site setup interface

  • Site Name: put the site name (in our example, Boss Hole)
  • Local root folder: navigate to the folder where you would like to put the site.

Below has this information filled out:

Image 5: The options filled out

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