Adding Flash Video to Dreamweaver 8

By: Tom Green

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Sometimes you just have to wonder how the guys at Macromedia do it.

For example, web video is suddenly all the rage thanks to Flash Professional 8, those wonderful people at On2 and Sorenson and the folks at Adobe who provide the video editing software. It is enough to make a web developer's head spin. Suddenly we are confronted with putting web video in our web pages because clients see the neat stuff the "Cool Kids" over on the Flash side of the street are doing and we get caught with a "Me too!" The guys at Macromedia must have anticipated this because they did something with Flash Video in Dreamweaver 8 that is rather amazing; they made it even easier to use. Best off all, it is free.

Prior to the release of Dreamweaver 8, the Flash Video Kit for Dreamweaver MX 2004 was a spending decision on your part if you wanted to add Flash video to your pages. Mind you, the "Kit" included a copy of Sorenson Squeeze Lite and it is still an integral FLV creation tool if you didn't purchase either Studio 8 or Flash Professional 8. The Video Kit is now bundled with the application and is even better than the retail version of the Video Kit.

Tip: You can't create a FLV in Dreamweaver 8. That can only be done in Flash Professional 8 or using Sorenson Squeeze Lite from the Flash Video Kit. This tutorial will assume you have been handed a FLV file.

Seriously, all you need to get into the video game is a FLV and the ability to click a mouse. Here's how:

  1. Open Dreamweaver 8 and create a new page.
  2. Click the mouse and select Insert > Media > Flash Video...

    Image 1: The process starts by selecting the Flash Video menu item.

    When you release the mouse the Insert Flash Video dialog box opens. This is where the process of adding a video to your Dreamweaver 8 page starts.

    The Insert Video dialog box.
    Image 2: The entire process of adding video to Dreamweaver pages is contained in this dialog box.

  3. Select the Video Type pop-down menu.

    The streaming choices
    Image 3: Choose Progressive Download video if you don't have a Flash Comm or FVSS account.

    This is your first decision: Is the video to be streamed from your web site or through a Flash Communication Server or a Flash Video Streaming Service? Your choice will actually change the look of the dialog box because a Streaming Video requires either an RTMP address and an instance name for the video. If you don't have a Flash Comm or FVSS account choose the Progressive Download option.

    A Progressive Download isn't as bad as it seems when you first encounter the term. The video usually starts playing after a second or two of the video loading into the Player. This takes slightly more time than the other option which starts playing immediately.

  4. After you select Progressive Download click the Browse button and navigate, using the Select File dialog box, to the location of the FLV file you want to include in the page.

    Select the video
    Image 4: Select the FLV file to be included and decide whether the FLV link with be relative to the Document or the Site Root.

    The video will appear in the URL area of the Insert Flash Video dialog box.

    The video is located.
    Image 5: The video is located and linked to the page.

    Image 6: Streaming requires an RTMP address and the name of the FLV file to be attached to the stream. The flv extension is optional.

    Your next decision will contain an extremely pleasant surprise if you are familiar with the Video Kit.

  5. Click the Skin pop down and select a skin.

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