The CS5 CSS Starter Page Series Part 15: Creating a Spry Widget Slideshow

By: Sheri German

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It's been a year since the last installment of the CS5 CSS Starter Page series. So why, you ask, am I revisiting it now? Well, it just so happens that my students are using the series as the basis for creating portfolio sites. They have completed their layouts and templates, and are now ready to use a framework for their graphic design work.

Back when I first wrote this series, in The CS5 CSS Starter Page Series Part 13: Adding a Gallery, I demonstrated how to use a Lightbox extension to easily add a Lightbox gallery to a page.

Each semester I have shown students a number of gallery/portfolio options from which they may choose:

Now I want to add another option, The Widget Browser, to the mix, and thus am appending a trailing article to an old series!

The Widget Browser and Many Gallery Options

Adobe created the Widget Browser as an application built on Adobe Air. According to Adobe, the Widget Browser "helps users visually browse and configure a variety of user-submitted widgets. The Widget Browser provides a way to configure JavaScript and CSS properties of these widgets through a dynamically generated user interface. It also allows users to create and save their own configurations of the widgets."

You can download the Widget Browser at Adobe Labs. (You will need to have the Flash plugin in order to install directly from your browser.) Once installed, you can access it through Dreamweaver via the Application Bar.

Image 1: You can access the Widget Browser from Dreamweaver's Application Bar

Tip: Learn all about using the Widget Browser at the Adobe Devnet Center.

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