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By: Adrian Senior

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Integrated with Dreamweaver CS3 as well as throughout the family of Creative Suite 3 software, Adobe Device Central simplifies the creation of mobile content with built-in mobile device skins and regularly updated device profiles. Besides the ability to quickly access essential technical specifications for each device, Adobe Device Central displays HTML content and allows you to scroll using the buttons on the device. The Small Screen Rendering (SSR) mode will shrink the text and images to show accurate rendering as it would appear on the device. Now you can easily design, preview, and test engaging mobile content and rich user interfaces.

Device Central can be accessed through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F12 or from the Preview/Debug in browser option, as shown Image 1.

Image 1: Selecting to preview in Device Central

Once the preview in Device Central has been selected Device Central will launch and you can check your site in one of its many device emulators.

Image 2: Device Central rendering a design with a handheld style sheet

The emulator will render your design your as if it was in Opera's SSR — Small Screen Rendering — mode unless you have specifically declared a handheld style sheet. You can switch SSR mode on and off by checking and unchecking the box to the right of the emulator, however, once you include handheld styles in your document then SSR mode is not used and the emulator renders your design in accordance with the handheld media CSS rules you have declared.

I have a series on the mobile Internet here at Community MX, an introductory article is available The Mobile Internet - Part 1: An Introduction and The CMX Mobile Device Reference Resource is a free for all reference point where you can submit devices to the database and search mobile device information others have left.

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