Super Guides for Fireworks MX

By: Steven Grosvenor

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Super Guides Intro

Super Guides 1.0 is an axonometric projection template creator to allow you to create templates of any size, angle and opacity for your isometric illustration needs. Super Guides 1.0 starts where the standard Fireworks MX guides end, and allows you to create a template for creating isometric illustrations.

With a few easy clicks, you can create template guides of any angle to help you with creating isometric or pixel illustrations.

With Super Guides, all the controls are in the interface to create almost any variety of axonometric projection. You have full control of:

  • Projection Angle
  • Document Template Size
  • Grid Opacity

Projection Settings

With your template created, you can save it for future reference, delete it and start over, or start to create your isometric illustrations straight away.

Included in the extension is a user guide to get you started on your way to creating imaginative isometric illustrations.

Create your template

Start creating your isometric illustrations

Super Guides is a must have for any illustrators design arsenal, or even if you just want to learn how to create axonometric illustrations. So what are you waiting for? You are but a few minutes away from creating exciting isometric illustrations within Fireworks MX!!!

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