Getting Started with GotDotNet Workspaces

By: Joel Martinez

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Adding Files to your Workspace

Now that your workspace is set up, you are ready to start uploading files/data. The first choice you will be presented with is the interface selection screen.

  • Visual Studio.NET plugin ... if you have Visual Studio.NET, then this option integrates really well with the IDE.
  • Windows Forms Control. If you choose this option (which we will), you will be presented with a windows forms control hosted in Internet Explorer (the only browser supported). This control gives you all of the functionality right there.
  • HTML Interface. If you choose to use the workspaces with an alternate browser, you can still use the HTML interface. It's a little clunkier because, for example, you can only download one file at a time, but the functionality is still there.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to select the Windows Forms Control option as that is the most versatile option, especially for those that do not have Visual Studio.NET. Upon selecting this option, you will be presented with a download link for a small MSI setup file. It is required to install this so that the control may have the appropriate permissions to run from the browser and have access to your file system.

Once that is installed, you are finally able to begin adding files to your workspace.

Add File add file

Clicking the add file button brings up a file dialog which allows you to select a file to upload into your repository. Once you do that, you can right click on the file and check it out to yourself.

History Dialog History Dialog

The History dialog allows you to revert back to old versions of your files.


The one notable exception that this wonderful application has is the omission of a diff tool. This is where you would be able to compare two different documents and see the differences visually.

Tip: You can find 3rd party diff tools out there that will fill this void. Tools such as CSDiff, and ExamDiff.


So as you can see, Workspaces offers a fantastic, useful service that, if used correctly can bring you an immeasurable amount of productivity. In addition to the source control tools that I covered in this article, workspaces offers other project management tools such as news, message boards, the ability to define permissions and roles, and an area to upload release packages for your software.

Approximate download size: 189k

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