Macromedia Announces Breeze Live Update


Posted by Kim

Macromedia Breeze, the on-line meeting and presentation software that takes advantage of the Flash player, has recently been updated. The new features, including screen sharing, virtual shared whiteboards, and even the ability to remotely control a viewer's desktop, are sure to generate even more buzz around this product.

Having given a Breeze presentation (Called a "Breezo" in the Macromedia world), and been in on several Breezos myself, the technology is certainly fascinating, and opens up some very interesting applications. I plan to run a trial next week with one of my classes, where I'll talk them through a tutorial while they watch the Breezo right at their machine. The new edition is summarized in this story from ZD Net News--, but a better overview can be seen in a Breezo presented by Megan Stewart from Macromedia Education at